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About us


Expression and creativity are at the heart of enjoying life. Our motto has been driven by a
passion to allow everyone to be able to easily express themselves through art. Rather than
putting up barriers, it is important to make it as accessible as possible for everyone to have a
creative outlet. Regardless of age, experiences, or culture, we as humans can come
together to share in the beautiful nature of our existence. We live busy lives and it is easy to
lose sight of what is important. Therefore, we have found that offering paint by numbers for
adults allows them to get that creative spark back. Paint by number kits are easy to use, and
they don’t require a high skill-level. Moreover, they are the perfect way for someone to
express themselves artistically.

Our vision and aims have always been powered by the people. Paint by numbers is
something that brings happiness, and we have found that it also allows people to reconnect
with art. It is never too late to get started, and anyone can easily get involved with diamond
painting. Our diamond painting kits are suitable to use for all ages, and we have found that
they provide an amazing experience that is both memorable and enjoyable. In our
experience, many diamond painting kits and paint by number kits are specifically targeted to
children. Why should art have an age limit? It doesn’t matter if you’re 5 or 85, art is
something that should be available to you.

We have seen first hand, the therapeutic and relaxing benefits that a short art session can
provide. Our paint by numbers kits and diamond painting kits are designed to maximize their
benefits, and they are also tailor-made to be easy to use. Art shouldn’t be difficult to create,
and our goal has always been to provide an affordable and simple way for everyone to
reconnect with art. There are real health benefits to be found when engaging with these kits.
Engaging with your creative side improves memory, provides a sense of relaxation, and
engages your mind deeply. It is a stimulating yet calming activity that anyone is able to get
involved in with ease.

Our team has made sure to reach out to the best suppliers that provide excellent quality and
affordability. We are truly passionate about art, and we have been researching this for many
years. Our love of art made us want to share this gift with the world, and we have been able
to find the best kits that provide an experience that we are truly proud of. Personalized kits
are available, and we also offer a variety of options. We strive to update our collection
whenever we find something suitable, and we always give a variety of choices. Personal
preferences can differ, and our aim is to be able to offer you the perfect kit that allows you to
re-engage with your artistic side.

Our key goal has been to bring art back to the home. We believe that art should be available
freely without restrictions. Every single piece of feedback we receive resonates with us
deeply, and our genuine passion keeps us striving for more.